A band made up of 4 ordinary men who all thrive on playing music pocket options demo together. Their aim is not to play traditional folk or bluegrass music, but instead to create beautiful, heart-felt, and genuine music using traditional folk/bluegrass instruments. They create a sound that is honest and reflects the band’s many musical influences from nearly all genres. All members sing; creating multiple combinations of 2, 3, and 4-part harmonies. All members write and sing songs about their thoughts, families, and the natural world that surrounds them. For a band without a drummer, The Four Legged Faithful achieve an incredible level of intensity using foot percussion and layered rhythms throughout every measure..


Vocals, Banjo & Percussion / Nathan Pelletier

Vocals, Upright Bass & Percussion/ Joseph Pierog
Vocals, Mandolin & Percussion / Jonathan Kaplan pocket option demo
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Dobro/ Matthew Migliori






Square glass in the wall pocket option download for windows 10

Hot Water


People I know

Gone Do





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